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Opening your eyes
September 28, 2008, 4:57 am
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I see hands move drowsily across faces. Eyes opening slowly to reveal a new day. I wait for my beloved roommates in the bed to wake up and harness me to the teathered  leash which guides me on my daily journey. Charting new territories we navigate our way to 20 ounce cups of aromatic energizing iced beverages. I drink water instead. I love the weekends. So much time together…we don’t worry about time. We don’t rush. We have fun with each other. We can’t always do this, and that is what makes it so special. 

Today I have a tummy ache. Last night we had Mexican food. Well Erica and Zach did. When they were sleeping I had some too. They normally don’t like me to eat their food, but I love chipotle salsa. It also hurts me the next day. I don’t think they noticed though because we went on 2 very long walks. My favorite is walking along the beach like we did tonight. We looked across the water like pirates sailing on new seas. Across the bay we saw the city waiting for new life. A flood of people excited about dinner together. As sun sets I notice the people leaving going to places they have only read about in weekly publications.

Have a good day…I miss you lots…I’ll write again soon.


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Dear Cyra,
Dad wants to know if the mexican food gave you fire snakes this morning? How can a dog so old look at the world so wide-eyed? What is your secret?caleb says,thanks for making this blog to keep in touch.And tell us when she has Mexican food,bye.

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